March’s kit of the month.

Finally, I am posting about the kit of the month in the month it was released.  I pulled this kit out the other night to start working on it.  After looking at the images, I got the bright idea to pull out a product from my stash that contains epoxy, sand and sea shells.  So something that should have taken me three minutes led to a ginormous mess all over me, my card, my work surface, and several other items I pulled out to try to finish using the product on.  After making this huge mess, it dawned on me, that I should have just used Journey Glaze and sand.  I would have gotten the same effect with a lot less headache and mess.

Here are my four cards from the kit of the month.  I added a few little extras from my stash.

March kotm 5 March kotm 4 march kotm 3 March kotm 2 March kotm 1

If you are interested in signing up for the kit of the month, click the link below.


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